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French-English translation and interpreting service: Legal, Business, Financial

  • French into English translation of legal and technical documents
  • French<>English interpreting - simultaneous, consecutive and sight
  • Legal depositions and court appearances
  • Financial and business interviews & meetings 
  • Live on site interpreting or translation in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, out of town and overseas by arrangement
  • U.S. State Department contract conference interpreter
  • Registered interpreter with the Judiciary of the State of New Jersey
  • Please email or call without obligation to discuss terms, conditions and timing



Code of Professional Conduct and Business Practices

As a Translator and Interpreter, a bridge for ideas from one language to another and one culture to another, I commit myself to the highest standards of performance, ethical behavior, and business practices.

I will endeavor to translate or interpret the original message faithfully, to satisfy the needs of the end user(s).   I acknowledge that this level of excellence requires:

1.   mastery of the target language equivalent to that of an educated native speaker,

2.   up-to-date knowledge of the subject material and its terminology in both languages,

3.   access to information resources and reference materials, and knowledge of the tools of my profession,

4.   continuing efforts to improve, broaden, and deepen my skills and knowledge, and that

5.   I will be truthful about my qualifications and will not accept any assignments for which I am not fully qualified;

6.   I will safeguard the interests of my clients as my own and divulge no confidential information;

7.   I will notify my clients of any unresolved difficulties. If we cannot resolve a dispute, we will seek arbitration;

8.   I will use a client as a reference only if I am prepared to name a person to attest to the quality of my work;

9.   I will respect and refrain from interfering with or supplanting any business relationship between my client and my client's client.